Five Little Monkeys [SONG]

Five Little Monkeys Song Download

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Children’s song, U.K.

“Five Little Monkeys” is a “repetitive” nursery rhyme, which means that the text stays same for every turn, with only a small part of a verse changing every time.

It’s one of the several kids’ songs used to teach someone how to count to 5.

“Five Little Monkeys” Sing-Along Video with lyrics

Five Little Monkeys Song Download
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Five Little Monkeys mp3 downloadTo download a free instrumental mp3,
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Five Little Monkeys PDF

To download a ready-to-print PDF of “Five Little Monkeys” for music activities with a music sheet, lyrics and a colouring sheet for kids, right click (or tap and hold, on mobile devices) on the following link, then choose “Save link as…”.

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“Five Little Monkeys” free PDF download – Singing Bell

Five Little Monkeys Song Download
Five Little Monkeys
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