Activity calendar and School Event Ideas by month.

Finding a great activity to promote good habits or commemorate an international day at school can be quite challenging for teachers. Of course, sometimes you can count on your experience and improvise, but being prepared is always the best go-to solution. Our collection of posts about school activities will give you school event ideas for each month of the academic year.

Activity Ideas by month

Available resources and why chose them

Music-related activities

Music-related activities

Listening to music and/or singing can be two really engaging activities for students.

Both listening to music and singing involve multiple senses, including auditory and kinesthetic. When students actively engage in singing, they use their voices and bodies, which can enhance their understanding of rhythm, melody, and lyrics. This multisensory approach can promote a deeper and more holistic comprehension of musical concepts and can be particularly beneficial for kinesthetic learners.

Other Activities in class

Challenges, contests, watching videos or participating in hands-on experiences, all find a way to this collection, which provides a versatile and comprehensive resource that caters to various learning styles and preferences.

Challenges and Contests

Challenges and Contests

These activities promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills in an engaging and competitive manner, making learning more exciting and motivating for students. It encourages healthy competition, which can be a powerful driver for student participation and improvement.

Watching Videos

Additionally, the inclusion of videos not only offers a visual and auditory learning experience but also caters to students who may be more inclined towards multimedia content. Visual aids and demonstrations can simplify complex concepts, making them more accessible to a broader range of students.

Hands-on experiences or practical activities

Hands-on experiences or practical activities

These activities serve as a valuable complement to theoretical learning. They allow students to apply what they’ve learned in a tangible way, reinforcing their understanding and retention of the material. This hands-on approach fosters a deeper connection to the subject matter and encourages active learning.

Famous quotes and Readings

Incorporating book readings and exposing students to famous quotes holds immense educational value in the classroom.

Book readings

Book readings

They introduce students to the world of literature, expanding their vocabulary, enhancing their comprehension skills, and fostering a love for reading. Through well-chosen books, educators can also stimulate discussions on various themes, cultures, and historical contexts, promoting critical thinking and empathy among students.

Furthermore, reading aloud in class allows students to develop their listening skills while engaging with the material, creating a shared literary experience that can build a strong classroom community.

Famous quotes

Quotes for kids

Famous quotes, on the other hand, offer concise and thought-provoking insights into various aspects of life, history, and human nature. They serve as valuable conversation starters and can inspire meaningful class discussions. Exposure to quotes from renowned figures can broaden students’ horizons, encouraging them to explore different perspectives and ideas.

Moreover, analyzing famous quotes can improve students’ analytical and interpretative skills as they dissect the underlying meanings and context of these impactful statements. By incorporating both book readings and famous quotes into the curriculum, educators empower students with a rich literary and philosophical foundation that enhances their intellectual growth and encourages lifelong learning.

September : School Event Ideas

▶ Celebrations, National and International Days in September

September 8 : International Literacy Day

September 13 : Roald Dahl Day (UK)

September 15 : Hispanic Heritage Month (lasts for a month)

September 17 : Constitution Day (USA)

Third Saturday in September : National CleanUp Day (USA)

September 21 : World Peace Day

September 26 : European Day of Languages

Late September : Harvest Festival (Northern Hemisphere)

September Activities

October : School Event Ideas

▶ Celebrations, National and International Days in OCTOBER

October 5 : World Teachers’ Day

October 16 : World Food Day

October 31 : Halloween

Month of October : National Book Month (USA)

Month of October : Black History Month (UK)

Month of October : International Walk to School Month

Month of October : National Bullying Prevention Month (USA)

Month of October : Harvest Festival (UK)

October Activities

November : School Event Ideas

▶ Celebrations, National and International Days in November

November 5 : Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night) (UK)

November 8 : National STEM/STEAM Day (USA)

November 11 : Armistice Day (USA) / Remembrance Day (UK)

November 13 : World Kindness Day (UK)

Third week in November : Anti-Bullying Week (USA/UK)

Fourth Thursday in November : Thanksgiving Day (USA)

Fourth Friday in November : Native American Heritage Day (USA)

Month of November : Harvest Festival (USA)

November Activities

December : School Event Ideas

▶ Celebrations, National and International Days in December

December 21 : Winter Solstice

December 25 : Christmas

December 26 – January 1 : Kwanzaa

Month of December : Hannukkah

December Activities

Christmas Articles

January : School Event Ideas

▶ Celebrations, National and International Days in January

January 1 : New Year’s Day

January 6 : Epiphany (Twelfth Night) (UK)

January 23 : National Handwriting Day (USA)

Third Monday in January : Martin Luther King Jr. Day (USA)

Third Thursday in January : National Thank Your Mentor Day (USA)

January 25 : Burns Night (UK)

January 25 : St. Dwynwen’s Day (UK)

January 29 : National Puzzle Day (USA)

Last week in January : National Storytelling Week (UK)

January Activities

February : School Event Ideas

▶ Celebrations, National and International Days in February

Month of February : Black History Month (USA)

Typically in February : Chinese New Year

February 2 : Groundhog Day (USA)

Second Tuesday in February : Safer Internet Day (UK)

February 14 : Valentine’s Day

Month of February : International Friendship Month (USA)

February Activities

March : School Event Ideas

▶ Celebrations, National and International Days in March

March 1 : St. David’s Day (Wales, UK)

March 2 : Read Across America Day (USA)

March 8 : International Women’s Day (UK)

March 17 : St. Patrick’s Day

March 20 or 21 : Spring Equinox

March 21 : International Day of Forests

March 22 : World Water Day (USA)

Month of March : Women’s History Month (USA)

Month of March : National Nutrition Month (USA)

Month of March : Music in Our Schools Month (USA)

March Activities

April : School Event Ideas

▶ Celebrations, National and International Days in April

Typically April or May : Easter

April 7 : World Health Day

April 22 : Earth Day

April 23 : Shakespeare’s Birthday (UK)

Month of April : National Poetry Month (USA)

April Activities

May : School Event Ideas

▶ Celebrations, National and International Days in May

May 1 : May Day (UK)

First full week of May : Teacher Appreciation Week (USA)

May 5 : Cinco de Mayo (USA)

Second Sunday in May : Mother’s Day (USA)

Last Monday before or on May 24 : Victoria Day (Canada / UK)

Month of May : Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (USA)

May Activities

Summer Activities

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