This list of nursery rhymes is the perfect resource for parents and educators alike.

Welcome to the index page for Nursery Rhymes, where you will find a collection of classic and modern rhymes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Nursery rhymes are an important part of early childhood development as they help children learn language and improve their memory skills.

In this index page, you will find everything you need to know about these songs for kids. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or educator, this index page is the perfect resource for anyone looking to explore the magical world of nursery rhymes.

Discover the enchanting universe of nursery rhymes, where language and memory skills are boosted in young tots. Let this index page be your guide, whether you’re a proud parent, loving grandparent, or passionate educator. Here, you’ll uncover everything you need to know about these wonderful songs for kids that play a crucial role in early childhood development. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of nursery rhymes!

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What is a Nursery Rhyme? A definition

According to Elisabeth Galway, in Oxford Bibliographies we read that

Nursery rhymes, also known as Mother Goose rhymes, can be broadly defined as short songs and verses often read or sung to, or by, young children. Generally, these verses are anonymous, although the term nursery rhyme has also been applied to works written by known authors.

Characteristics of a Nursery Rhyme

Looking up in dictionaries such as the Cambridge Dictionary or Merriam-Webster, we conclude that a nursery rhyme has the following characteristics:

  • it is for kids,
  • it is relatively short,
  • it has verses and rhyme, in most cases it is a song, i.e. it has a melodic line, and
  • it tells a short story.

Their presence in the English-speaking world comes from a long time ago, as already from the 16th century. we have the first records.

List of Nursery rhymes [mp3 Download]

List of Nursery Rhymes

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A Farmer Went Trotting (Upon His Gray Mare)A traditional nursery rhyme that typically involves actions and gestures to mimic the movements of the farmer and the horse.lyrics
A Frog He Would A-wooing GoAn English nursery rhyme that tells the story of a frog who embarks on a romantic adventure.lyrics
A Jolly Fat Frog (Lived in the River Swim)An English traditional rhyme which tells the story of a crow preying on a frog and its original title was “The Frog and the Crow”.lyrics
A Sailor Went to SeaA cheerful and interactive chant about a sailor’s adventures on the sea.lyrics
A-Hunting We Will GoA lively nursery rhyme about embarking on a hunting adventure filled with playful rhymes and animal encounters.lyrics
A-Tisket, A-TasketA popular American nursery rhyme and singing game that tells the story of a young girl who loses her yellow basket while going to the market.lyrics
ABC SongA fundamental rhyme that helps children learn the alphabet through a catchy melody.lyrics
Ah! Vous dirai-je, mamanA French nursery rhyme that dates back to the 18th century, commonly known as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star“.
Aiken DrumAn imaginative rhyme featuring a peculiar character with a hat made of food.lyrics
All Around the Green Apple TreeA traditional English nursery rhyme that involves a playful circle game.lyrics
All the Pretty Little HorsesThis soothing nursery rhyme lulls children to sleep with gentle lyrics about colorful horses and comforting promises.lyrics
AlouetteA traditional French-Canadian children’s song that has gained popularity worldwide. The word “alouette” translates to “lark” in English.lyrics
Animal Fair, TheSee “The Animal Fair
As I Was Going to St. IvesAn English nursery rhyme, counting rhyme and traditional riddle that dates back to the 17th century.
Baa, Baa, black sheepA well-known rhyme about a black sheep and its wool, teaching basic counting and sharing concepts.lyrics
Baby BumblebeeA playful and humorous nursery rhyme about a child’s misadventure with a bumblebee, involving sticky situations and a catchy melody.lyrics
Bahay KuboA traditional Filipino folk song, celebrating the variety of vegetables growing around a simple nipa hut.lyrics
Bear Went Over the Mountain, TheSee “The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Billy BoyA spirited folk song that tells the story of a young man named Billy and his love interest, exploring themes of courtship and a playful narrative.lyrics
Bingo Song (There Was a Farmer Had a Dog)A popular and energetic children’s rhyme that follows the repetitive and interactive structure of the traditional game, engaging kids with its catchy tune and encouraging participation.lyrics
Bobby ShaftoA traditional English nursery rhyme and folk song. It is named after a real person, Robert Shafto, who was a member of Parliament in County Durham, England, during the late 18th century.lyrics
Brahms’ Lullaby (Cradle Song / Lullaby and Good Night)A gentle and soothing lullaby composed by Johannes Brahms, often sung to lull babies and young children to sleep with its soft melody and comforting lyrics.lyrics
Brother JohnSee “Frère Jacques (Are You Sleeping?)
Chubby CheeksA delightful and playful nursery rhyme that is often sung or recited to engage young children.
Cobbler, CobblerA delightful rhyme about a cobbler who repairs shoes, teaching children about different occupations and the importance of hard work.
Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!A lively chant that imitates the crowing of a rooster, often used to teach children about animal sounds and encourage early morning awakenings.
Cradle SongSee “Brahms’ Lullaby (Cradle Song / Lullaby and Good Night)
Dance to your Daddy (When the boat comes in)A traditional English folk song that is often sung as a nursery rhyme or lullaby.lyrics
Did You Ever See a Lassie?A playful children’s song that encourages imagination and singing along while highlighting the qualities of a lassie (young girl) and the joy she brings.lyrics
Ding Dong Bell (Kitty’s in the well)A traditional English nursery rhyme that dates back several centuries and tells a short story in its simple lyrics.lyrics
Doggie DoggieA traditional children’s game and nursery rhyme that involves guessing and seeking an object or person.lyrics
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, MoeA counting-out rhyme used to make a random selection, involving a repetitive chant and hand gestures to determine a choice among a group of options.lyrics
Finger FamilyA popular fingerplay rhyme that involves a simple and interactive hand gesture, where each finger represents a family memberlyrics
Five Little Ducks (Went Swimming One Day)A playful nursery rhyme about five little ducks who go out swimming and the adventures they encounter before returning home.lyrics
Five Little Monkeys (jumping on the bed)A fun and rhythmic counting rhyme about five mischievous monkeys jumping on the bed and the warnings from their doctor as they fall off one by one.lyrics
Five Little Speckled FrogsA lively and engaging nursery rhyme that tells the story of five frogs and is ideal for teaching counting.
Frère Jacques (Are You Sleeping?)A classic nursery rhyme sung in a round, featuring a monk named Jacques being asked if he is awake and urged to ring the morning bells.lyrics
Frog Went a-CourtingA traditional English folk song and nursery rhyme that tells the story of a frog who goes courting a mouse.lyrics
Georgie PorgieA nursery rhyme that tells the story of a mischievous character and is still used in many preschools.
Girls and Boys Come Out To PlayA 17th century English nursery rhyme about playing in the moonlight.lyrics
Golden SlumbersA soothing lullaby that promises comfort and rest, weaving a tale of golden slumbers kissed by stars.lyrics
Goosey Goosey GanderA traditional nursery rhyme that recounts a curious encounter with a goose and the exploration of a mysterious house.
Hickety PicketyA traditional nursery rhyme that follows a rhythmic pattern and tells a whimsical story.
Here We Go Looby LooA playful nursery rhyme that guides children through a series of movements and actions, encouraging them to dance and sing along.lyrics
Here We Go Round The Mulberry BushA lively nursery rhyme that depicts children mimicking routine chores while circling around a mulberry bush, turning daily tasks into a fun, sing-along game.lyrics
Hey Diddle DiddleA popular English nursery rhyme that dates back to the 18th century.lyrics
Hey Ho Nobody HomeAn English folk song and nursery rhyme that is often sung as a round or in a call-and-response style.lyrics
Hickory Dickory DockA playful nursery rhyme featuring a mouse’s adventures as it scampers up a clock, which marks the time with a distinctive chime.lyrics
Hot Cross BunsA popular English nursery rhyme and children’s song that is often associated with the Easter season.lyrics
Humpty DumptyA classic nursery rhyme about an egg-shaped character who has a great fall off a wall and cannot be repaired, despite efforts from all the king’s horses and men.lyrics
Hush Little Baby (Mockingbird)A soothing lullaby that promises an array of delightful gifts to a child, culminating with the comforting presence of a mockingbird.lyrics
I’m a Little TeapotA playful rhyme where the speaker, a small teapot, describes its features and actions during tea preparation, complete with a tipping motion and a shout.lyrics
Incy Wincy Spider (Eency Weency Spider)See “Itsy-bitsy spider”lyrics
If You are Happy and you Know itA cheerful interactive song that encourages children to express their happiness through clapping, stomping, and shouting “hooray!”lyrics
Itsy-bitsy spiderA charming rhyme about a small spider’s persistent journey up a water spout, despite the challenges of rain and recovery in the sunshine.lyrics
Jack and JillA classic rhyme about two children, Jack and Jill, who venture up a hill to fetch a pail of water and encounter an unfortunate mishap.lyrics
KookaburraA popular Australian nursery rhyme that celebrates the native bird species known as the kookaburra.lyrics
Ladybug, LadybugA traditional nursery rhyme that tells the story of a ladybug. (UK: Ladybird, Ladybird)
Lavender’s Blue (Dilly Dilly)A gentle nursery rhyme that playfully uses the refrain “dilly dilly” while evoking images of lavender fields and romantic affection.lyrics
Les Petites Marionnettes (Ainsi Font, Font, Font)A French nursery rhyme celebrating the playful movements of little puppets, known for its catchy tune and repetitive lyrics.
Little Bo PeepA classic nursery rhyme about a young shepherdess who loses her sheep and waits for them to return, bringing their tails behind them.lyrics
Little Boy Blue (Come Blow your Horn)A traditional rhyme about a young farm boy who falls asleep when he should be watching the fields, with his horn lying nearby, unused.lyrics
Little Jack HornerA whimsical rhyme about a young boy who pulls out a plum from his Christmas pie, it was early associated with acts of opportunism, particularly in politics.lyrics
London Bridge is Falling DownA traditional children’s song involving a repetitive game, where participants sing about various attempts to repair the crumbling London Bridge.lyrics
Mary Had a Little LambA sweet nursery rhyme about a young girl named Mary and her lamb, which follows her to school one day, causing a delightful commotion.lyrics
Merrily We Roll AlongA cheerful tune about traveling through life with joy and song, embracing the journey as it unfolds.lyrics
Mexican Hat DanceA lively children’s song that accompanies a traditional Mexican dance, encouraging participants to mimic the steps of dancing around a sombrero.lyrics
Mrs. MacaroniA playful nursery rhyme about Mrs. Macaroni who rides a white horse, performing various actions in a sequence that delights young listeners.lyrics
Miss Polly Had a DollyA simple rhyme about a young girl named Polly who cares for her sick doll and calls a doctor to help make it better.lyrics
Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley GrowA traditional rhyme that teaches about the planting and growing processes of various grains and legumes, using a rhythmic, sing-along style.lyrics
Old MacDonald Had a FarmA popular children’s song that introduces various farm animals and their sounds through the story of a farmer named MacDonald and his lively farm.lyrics
Oranges and LemonsA playful rhyme that uses the sounds of church bells from different London churches to tell a story of owing debts and facing consequences.lyrics
Pat-a-Cake (Patty Cake)A classic nursery rhyme that guides children through the playful process of baking a cake, complete with patting and marking it with a letter.lyrics
Pirouette, CacahuèteA French nursery rhyme featuring a whimsical journey through a magical garden, where children meet quirky characters and engage in playful adventures.lyrics
Promenons-nous dans les bois (Loup, y es-tu?)A French nursery rhyme that invites children on a playful walk through the woods, encountering various animals and searching for the wolf.lyrics
Rain, Rain, Go AwayA simple chant used by children, expressing a wish for the rain to stop so they can go outside and play.lyrics
Ride a cock-horse to Banbury CrossA traditional rhyme about riding a make-believe horse (a “cock-horse” refers to a child’s toy horse or a pretend horse used in play) to the famed Banbury Cross.lyrics
Ring a Ring o’ Roses (Ring Around the Rosie)A timeless children’s circle game, where participants hold hands and dance around singing, ending with a playful group collapse on the phrase “we all fall down.”lyrics
Rock-a-Bye BabyA lullaby that gently describes the rocking of a cradle in the treetops, calming a baby as the wind blows and the bough breaks.lyrics
Row, Row, Row Your BoatA cheerful nursery rhyme encouraging listeners to row their boats gently down the stream, it is often seen as a symbol of life’s journey.lyrics
See Saw Margery DawA rhythmic playground chant about two children playing on a seesaw, highlighting the simple joy and rhythm of traditional play.lyrics
Sing a Song of SixpenceA whimsical rhyme that tells the story of a king and his extravagant pie, filled with delightful imagery and humorous moments.lyrics
Star Light, Star BrightA a traditional nursery rhyme that dates back to the 19th century, inviting children to make a wish upon a star and marvel at the nighttime sky.
Sur le pont d’Avignonlyrics
Ten Little FingersA delightful rhyme celebrating the wonders of childhood, focusing on the joy and innocence found in the ten little fingers of a baby.lyrics
The Animal FairA lively nursery rhyme featuring a variety of animals participating in amusing antics at a fair.lyrics
The Animals Went in Two by TwoA rhythmic rhyme recounting the tale of animals boarding Noah’s Ark in pairs, illustrating the Biblical story of the Great Flood.lyrics
The Bear Went Over the MountainA cheerful rhyme about a bear’s adventurous journey over the mountain, often accompanied by actions or gestures.lyrics
The Farmer in the DellA whimsical nursery rhyme depicting a farmer and various farm animals engaging in a playful game of courtship and dancing.lyrics
The More We Get TogetherA cheerful nursery rhyme celebrating friendship and togetherness, encouraging joyous singing and group activities.lyrics
The Muffin ManA catchy nursery rhyme that whimsically explores the identity and whereabouts of a baker who delivers muffins to the neighborhood.lyrics
The North Wind Doth Blow (The Robin)A traditional nursery rhyme depicting the cold winter weather brought by the North Wind, along with the resilience of the robin bird enduring the chill.lyrics
The Wheels on the busA lively and interactive song that describes the various activities, sounds, and passengers encountered on a bus ride, often accompanied by hand movements and actions.lyrics
This Little PiggyA playful rhyme that engages children’s toes as it follows the adventures of a little piggy, culminating in a “wee, wee, wee” all the way home.lyrics
This Old ManA timeless counting rhyme featuring a cheerful old man who plays various musical instruments as he goes about his day.lyrics
Twinkle, Twinkle Little StarA well-known English nursery rhyme that originated from a poem written by Jane Taylor in the early 19th century.lyrics
Wee Willie WinkieA charming rhyme about a fictional character named Willie Winkie, who goes around town in his nightgown, tapping on windows to make sure children are in bed.
When Goldilocks Went to the House of the BearsA playful nursery rhyme that retells the story of Goldilocks encountering the three bears and their belongings.lyrics
When the Boat Comes InSee “Dance to your Daddy (When the boat comes in)
Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?A whimsical nursery rhyme that laments the loss of a beloved pet and humorously speculates where it might have gone.
Who Killed Cock Robin?A traditional English nursery rhyme that recounts the investigation and mourning surrounding the death of the fictional character Cock Robin, engaging children with a detective-like narrative.
List of Nursery Rhymes

List of Nursery Rhymes in English

Singing Bell has been collecting and releasing its own versions of traditional nursery rhymes for years now.

The following are all the English-language nursery rhymes we have published, listed alphabetically.

Why Teach Nursery Rhymes to a child?

Teaching nursery rhymes to kids

Teaching nursery rhymes to a child is essential as it promotes early language development, strengthens cognitive abilities, and fosters social skills. By engaging with the rhythmic patterns and repetitive nature of nursery rhymes, children enhance their vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension skills.

These rhymes also stimulate cognitive development through memory recall and exposure to basic concepts. Furthermore, nursery rhymes provide an avenue for social interaction, teamwork, and building connections with others.

Overall, teaching nursery rhymes is a valuable tool in laying the foundation for a child’s holistic growth and learning.

Lyrics for Nursery Rhymes

This collection includes 50 printable lyrics to popular nursery rhymes which will definitely come in handy.

Nursery rhymes with lyrics

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