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Oboshinotentoten Game Info

Oboshinotentoten” is a simple hand-clapping and circle game with African American origins. You can also find it as “Obo Shin Otten Totten”.

Oboshinotentoten Game Instructions

  • Kids stand in a circle with joining hands. Everyone’s left hand has to be under the hand of the person to the left, palms facing up. Everyone’s right hand has to be over the hand of the person to the right.
  • They all start singing and one starts the hand clapping game: with his/her right hand he claps the hand of the kid on his left. Then the first kid puts his right hand back on top of the hand of the kid to the right. The action is repeated by the second kid and goes on until the end of the song.
  • The kid who is clapped last goes into the middle of the circle and the game starts again.
  • When three kids have entered the middle of the circle, they start to play the game in a circle too inside the middle of the other circle.

Oboshinotentoten Lyrics

These are the lyrics to this fun circle game:

Hey, hey,
I am a boom, boom, boom,
Eeny meeny oten toten,
1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

Printable Oboshinotentoten Lyrics PDF

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Oboshinotentoten lyrics printable PDF

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Sing-along Video

This is a video with people showing how the game is played.

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