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“Fire in the Mountain” or “Fire on the Mountain” is an old English children’s folk song and an amusing circle game from the 19th century. While its origins are unknown, the song is to be found today in many countries around the world including the U.S.A., India and several African countries. As is the norm with public domain and traditional culture, there are a lot of variations in lyrics and melody both; people accumulate pre-existing elements and creatively add new of their own.

A popular way of playing this game is that kids move in a circular direction singing; when the words “run, run, run” or “run boys run” are heard, they must run to their couple. In some other cases popular in India the teacher says a number at the end of the phrase mentioned above and the kids run to hug each other in groups according to the number called.

On this page you can find three versions of the Lyrics, a Printable Lyrics PDF file for free Download and three corresponding Sing-along videos of the song.


Printable Lyrics PDF

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Lyrics (version 1)

Fire in the mountain run, run, run
You with the red coat follow with your drum,
The drum shall beat and you shall run,
Fire in the mountain run, run, run

Rats in the garden, catch ’em Towser
Cat’s in the cream pie, stop her, now, sir
Chicken in the bread pan picking out dough
Granny does your dog bite; “No, child no!”

Fire in the mountain, fun, fun, fun,
Cat’s in the cream jug, run, run, run.
Hogs in the ‘tater patch, that I know,
Cows in the cornfield told me so.


Lyrics (version 2)

Fire on the mountains run, boys, run
You with the red coat, follow with the gun,
The drum shall beat and you shall run,
Fire on the mountains run, boys, run.


Lyrics (version 3)

Fire on the mountain, run, run, run,
run in a circle and have some fun
Fire on the mountain, run, run, run,
run in a circle and have some fun
form a group of number ….. ,
or you should leave the circle and flee.


Sing-along Video (song)

Fire in the mountain - a circle game


Sing-along Video (game version 2)

Fire in the Mountain folk song and game


Sing-along Video (game version 3)

Fire On The Mountain|Kindergarten Nursery Rhymes|3D Animation English Rhymes & Songs For Children


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