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“Here I Brew and Here I Bake” is a simple circle game dating back to the 19th century.

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Here I Brew and Here I Bake Lyrics

Version 1

Here I brew and here I bake,
And here I make my wedding-cake,
And here I must break through.

Version 2

Here I bake and here I brew,
And here I lay my wedding-shoe,
And here I must and shall break through.

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Here I Brew and Here I Bake Game Instructions

  • In this game the kids form a circle and hold hands firmly. One kid stays in the middle.
  • The purpose of the player is to find where is the weakest pair of hands that he/she can break through.
  • Saying ‘Here I brew,’ he touches the one pair of hands.
  • Then he says ‘Here I bake.’ to touch another pair of hands.
  • Ultimately, in the line ‘Here I mean to break through,’ he goes to the the last pair trying to break through and force his way out.
  • If he succeeds, the child at the right goes into the ring to repeat the game; if not, he has to start again.

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