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If you’ve been looking for Go ‘Round the Mountain lyrics, especially if you’d like to print them out, then you’re on the right page!

“Go ‘Round the Mountain” is a folk song and action circle game, very popular with kids. You can find it in many different versions. It’s and amusing way to practice with your kids movement coordination, to teach them the parts of the body etc.

On this page you’ll find the lyrics of the song and a printable PDF file with lyrics for free download. You can also watch a sing-along video. Enjoy!

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Printable Go ‘Round the Mountain Lyrics PDF

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Go 'Round the Mountain lyrics PDF printable

Go ‘Round the Mountain Lyrics

Version 1

  1. Go ’round the mountain,
    To-di-diddle-um, to-di-diddle-um,
    Go ’round the mountain,
    To-di-diddle-um, dee.
  1. Run ’round the mountain,
    To-di-diddle-um, to-di-diddle-um,
    Run ’round the mountain,
    To-di-diddle-um, dee.
  1. Tiptoe ’round the mountain,
    To-di-diddle-um, to-di-diddle-um,
    Tiptoe ’round the mountain,
    To-di-diddle-um, dee.

  2. Stomp ’round the mountain,
    To-di-diddle-um, to-di-diddle-um,
    Stomp ’round the mountain,
    To-di-diddle-um, dee.

  3. Wiggle your fingers
    To-di-diddle-um, to-di-diddle-um,
    Wiggle your fingers
    To-di-diddle-um, dee.

Version 2

  1. Going ’round the mountain,
    To-di-diddle-um, to-di-diddle-um,
    Going ’round the mountain,
    To-di-diddle-um, dee.
  1. Show me your fingers
    To-di-diddle-um, to-di-diddle-um,
    Show me your fingers
    To-di-diddle-um, dee.
  1. Show me your elbow
    To-di-diddle-um, to-di-diddle-um,
    Show me your elbow,
    To-di-diddle-um, dee.
  2. Show me your ……… (use other body parts)

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Go ‘Round the Mountain Game Instructions

  • For this game, kids stand in a circle. Each verse is usually repeated twice.
  • As they start singing, they follow the instructions given in the verse, i.e. walk, run, tiptoe, stomp, etc.
  • You can improvise many different variations of your own, depending on the age of the kids and your educational goals.

Sing-along Video

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