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Boom Chicka Boom Lyrics

This is a group song that consists of one and only verse, which you see below:

I said a boom chicka boom
(I said a boom chicka boom)
I said a boom chicka boom
(I said a boom chicka boom)
I said a boom chicka rocka chicka rocka chicka boom
(I said a boom chicka rocka chicka rocka chicka boom)
Uh huh
(uh huh)
Oh yeah
(oh yeah)
One more time
(one more time)

The singers then repeat it up to 5 times or more. Following the instructions given by the leader of the group, they change the style, tone and timber of their voice in each new repetition.

The instructions may vary a lot as they are often improvised.

Some of the most commonly used are these:

  • A little slower
  • Faster
  • A little softer
  • Louder
  • Whisper style
  • Underwater style
  • Like a robot
  • Like a monster
  • Giant style
  • Peppa Pig style
  • Gang style

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Sing-along Video

Boom Chicka Boom Song Information

  • “Boom Chicka Boom” is a popular repeat after me song. It’s great for group singing while practicing on the elements of music, such as pace, dynamics, and timbre.
  • If extended to match a character, the timbre variations can be useful in drama classes and role playing.
  • It’s a favourite in environments like campfires, scouts and schools.

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