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“Little Sally Walker” is a popular circle game for kids. It is found in all the English-speaking world, like the U.S.A., the U.K., Ireland, the West Indies and New Zealand. The origins of this song are uncertain; yet the phrase “sittin’ on a saucer” probably refers to some old English marriage or fertility rituals, where the bride had to step over a saucer of water on her way to the wedding ceremony.

Like every piece of traditional and folk culture, a handful of variants can be found in different time and space: instead of a Sally Walker it could be a Sally Waters or Sally Walters who is mentioned, or even a Sally Anne. You can find the heroine either walking down the street or sitting on a saucer, and so on.

On this page you’ll find the lyrics of the song; we have collected three of the most common versions that are in use today. You can also download a printable PDF file with lyrics for free and watch two music videos where you can see how this game is played.

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Little Sally Walker Lyrics

Little Sally Walker Lyrics

Version 1

Little Sally Walker
Walking down the street.
She didn’t know what to do
So she stopped in front of me.
She said: “Hey girl, do your thing,
Do your thing and switch!
Hey girl do your thing
Do your thing and switch!”

Version 2

Little Sally Walker sitting on a saucer
Crying and a-weeping over all she’s done.
Ride Sally ride, wipe the tears from your eyes
Put your hands on your hips,
Let your backbone slip
Shake it to the east,
Shake it to the west,
Shake it to the very one
That you love the best

Version 3

Little Sally Walker,
Sitting in a saucer,
Rise Sally rise,
Wipe out your eyes,
Turn to the east,
And turn to the west,
And turn to the one that you like best.

Music Video (Version 1)

Music Video (Version 2)

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