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“The Coventry Carol” is an English Christmas carol dating from the 16th century. The oldest known text was written down by Robert Croo in 1534, and the oldest known setting of the melody dates from 1591. The major chord at the end is a typical example of a Picardy third.

The carol was traditionally performed in Coventry in England as part of a mystery play called The Pageant of the Shearmen and Tailors, and refers to the Massacre of the Innocents, in which Herod ordered all male infants to be killed, and takes the form of a lullaby sung by mothers of the doomed children.

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The Coventry Carol Lyrics

Lully, lullay, this little tiny child,
Bye bye, lully, lullay.
Lullay, this little tiny child,
Bye bye, lully, lullay.

O sisters too, how may we do
For to preserve this day
This poor youngling for whom we sing,
“Bye bye, lully, lullay”?

Herod the king, in his raging,
Chargèd, he hath this day
His men of might in his own sight
All young children to slay.

That woe is me, poor child, for thee
And ever mourn and say
For thy parting nor say nor sing,
“Bye bye, lully, lullay.”

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