The Old Grey Cat Is Sleeping

The Old Grey Cat is Sleeping is a game song, presented here with chords and lyrics.

The Old Grey Cat

The Old Grey Cat Is Sleeping is a game song that preschoolers love to play. In fact it is a drama game, or a game about roles (cats and mice). Children, as you can see at the instructions bellow, are invited to move and sing in various tempos and dynamics.

On this page you’ll find the sheet music and chords of the song, a sing-along video and an explanation on how it’s played. Enjoy!

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The Old Grey Cat Is Sleeping Sing Along Video

The Old Grey Cat Is Sleeping Lyrics

1. The old grey cat is sleeping, sleeping, sleeping,
The old grey cat is sleeping in the house.

2. The little mice are creeping, creeping, creeping,
The little mice are creeping through the house.

3. The little mice are nibbling, nibbling, nibbling,
The little mice are nibbling in the house.

4. The old gray cat comes creeping, creeping, creeping,
The old grey cat comes creeping through the house.

5. The little mice all scamper, scamper, scamper,
The little mice all scamper through the house.

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The Old Grey Cat Is Sleeping Sheet Music with Chords

The Old Grey Cat is Sleeping chords sheet music pdf

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How to Play the Game

Divide the children into two groups: a smaller one with the cats and a larger one with the mice.

The cats are curled up in a space that we define (with a carpet, scarves, chairs, etc.) and the mice stay outside of it. In each stanza of the song, the respective group takes the position or moves according to the lyrics.

In the verses where the mice are creeping, they also end up inside the space we have defined.

The parts where we sing for the cat are slow and lazy, while for the mice we sing fast and with more energy.

Suddenly, when the cat wakes up in the last verse, the cat-children, without getting up, dash to catch the little mice that are trying to escape.

Any mouse that escapes from the confined space is saved, while any mouse that is caught by the cat lies on its back.

The melody is very easy for children to sing. Sing softly when it is for the cat, and loudly for the mice part. It’s a good opportunity to teach “piano” and “forte” in a playful way.

You may also switch the tempo between cats and mice. Through these types of games, children develop self-control of their voice and body.

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