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“Engine, Engine, Number Nine” is a simple counting-out rhyme or jump-rope song and a singing game from the U.S.A. There are a lot of different versions across the world proving its popularity in the whole English-speaking world, especially India.

Due to its melodic and rhythmic simplicity this rhyme is popular with preschoolers and serves as a useful teaching material. It is ideal to introduce the first notes (G, E) on the staff and accompany it with Orff percussion instruments or invent a small choreography. In any case, feel free to improvise, be creative and have fun!

On this page you can find some of the predominant versions of the Lyrics, a Printable Lyrics PDF file for free Download and a few Animated Sing-along videos with Lyrics of the song.


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Version 1
Engine, engine number nine,
Going down Chicago line,
If the engine jumps the track,
Will I get my money back?
Woo, Woo,
Woo, Woo,
Woo, Woo.

Version 2
Engine, engine number nine,
Going down Chicago line,
If the train goes off the track,
Do you want your money back?
Yes, no, maybe so!

Version 3
Engine, engine number nine,
Going down the railroad line!
If the train gets off the track,
Will I get my money back?

Version 4
Engine, engine, number nine,
Running on the Chicago Line.
See it sparkle, see it shine,
Engine, engine, number nine.

Version 5
Engine, engine, number nine,
when it’s ready it will shine
Engine, engine, number nine,
then we ride on the Bombay line.

Version 6
Engine, engine number nine,
Running on Chicago line.
Running east, running west,
Running through the cuckoo’s nest.

Animated Sing-along Video with Lyrics 

(version 1)


(version 3)


(version 4)


(version 5)


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