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A You’re Adorable Lyrics

  1. A You’re adorable,
    B You’re so beautiful,
    C You’re a cutie full of charms,
    D You’re a darling and
    E You’re exciting and
    F You’re a feather in my arms.
  1. G You look good to me,
    H You’re so heavenly,
    I You’re the one I idolise,
    J We’re like Jack and Jill,
    K You’re so kissable,
    L Is the love light in your eyes.
  1. M, N, O, P
    I could go on all day,
    Q, R, S, T
    Alphabetically speaking you’re okay.
  1. U Made my life complete,
    V Means you’re very sweet,
    W, X, Y, Z
    It’s fun to wander through,
    The alphabet with you,
    To tell you what you mean to me.

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Music Videos

Sing-along Video 1

Listen to this fine recording frοm 2019 by Diana Panton.

Sing-along Video 2

Enjoy this recording by a children’s choir.

A, You’re Adorable Song Information

A, You’re Adorable‘ was released in 1949 and it was written by Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett. It was performed by Perry Como with the Fontane Sisters as backup singers. The song was recorded for RCA Victor Records and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart and remained at the top of the chart for seven weeks. It also became a popular song for weddings around the world.

The Song A You’re Adorable continues to be a timeless classic that is recognisable by people of all ages. It is a perfect choice for any special occasion to show your partner how much you truly care about them.

A, You’re Adorable Lyrics Meaning

The ‘A, You’re Adorable‘ lyrics express admiration and love for a significant other, with the singer telling them “you’re adorable in every way”. It has remained a popular choice for couples to sing at their wedding reception or anniversary party.

The song has become a popular choice for kids to sing as well. The lyrics of the song are simple and upbeat, making it easy for kids to learn and remember. The catchy tune also encourages them to join in on the fun and dance along while singing.

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