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“Frère Jacques” is one of the most famous children’s songs (comptines). Frère Jacques (Brother Jacob), was probably a real person, a monk of the 17th century. The monk should wake up and sound the bells for the “matines” (monastic services), but, obviously, he overslept and the song calls him to wake up.

“Frère Jacques” lyrics

“Frère Jacques” paroles (French)

Frère Jacques, frère Jacques,
Dormez-vous ? Dormez-vous ?
Sonnez les matines! Sonnez les matines!
Ding, dang, dong. Ding, dang, dong.

“Frère Jacques” lyrics (English)

Are you sleeping, are you sleeping,
Brother John? Brother John?
Morning bells are ringing! Morning bells are ringing!
Ding, dang, dong. Ding, dang, dong


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