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Children’s song, Mexico.

The title of this song refers to the Spaniards who returned to their country from Peru and owners of large fortunes that were popularly called “peruleros”. The variation from Perulero to Pirulero, may be due to the fact that in the sixteenth century the words “Pirú” or “Peru” were used interchangeably to refer to that region.

In Mexico, the lyrics are: “This is the game of Juan Pirulero, that each one attends his game”, while in Spain there is another children’s song that says: “Anton Perulero, that each one attends his game …”.

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Este es el juego de Juan Pirulero,
que cada quien atiende su juego.
Juan Pirulero les manda y ordena
que su instrumento cada quien toque.
Que toque la flauta…

El clarinete…
El violín…
La trompeta…
El contrabajo…

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Teaching idea & activities

“Juan Pirulero” is a singing game. Children draw lots to be Juan Pirulero. Every child chooses a characteristic movement of a musical instrument player and they start dancing on a circle.

All children sing the song twice and Juan Pirulero pretends to play a clarinet. Then he stops and says: “And now is time to play …(violin)”. He takes the (invisible) instrument from the child who plays violin and takes his place on the circle.

Everybody has to imitate him and the child who played the violin is now Juan Pirulero and the game goes on.

It’s important that if someone doesn’t change his movements according to Juan Pirulero, then he has to pay the price that Juan Pirulero deems funny, like to pretend he is an animal.

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