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Folk song, U.S.A.

“Oh, Susanna!” is a song written by Stephen Foster (1826–1864), and has become very popular in the U.S.A.

The song has been performed by many minstrel troupes and was copyrighted and published at least 21 times from 1847 through 1851. Its first publication occurred in 1848 in Cincinnati by the W. C. Peters & Co Editions.

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1. Oh, I come from Alabama
with a banjo on my knee
I am goin’ to Lou’siana,
my true love for to see

Oh Susanna!
Don’t you cry for me!

For I come from Alabama
with a banjo on my knee

2. It rained all night the day I left,
the weather it was dry
and the sun so hot I froze to death,
Susanna don’t you cry

Oh Susanna!
Don’t you cry for me!

For I come from Alabama
with a banjo on my knee

3. Now I had a dream the other night,
when everything was still
and I thought I saw Susanna dear
a-comin’ down the hill
and a buckwheat cake was in her mouth,
a tear was in her eye
so I said I’m coming from the south,
Susanna don’t you cry!

Oh Susanna!
Don’t you cry for me!

For I come from Alabama
with a banjo on my knee

Oh Susanna!
Don’t you cry for me!

For I come from Alabama
with a banjo on my knee

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Teaching idea & activities

The song is a good occasion to practice the pentatonic scale, as the first two phrases of the melody are based on it.

Transpose the phrases a major second down (using the pentatonic do-re-mi-sol-la, or C-D-E-G-A), so that the absence of semitones can be clearer . Then try to improvise, everyone by themselves, 1-2 phrases singing solfège or just “bouche fermée”.

On the other side, the verses “It rain’d all night the day I left, The weather it was dry, The sun so hot I froze to death…”  are nonsense, and it could be an opportunity to ask children to draw a picture for it, as strange as the text, or write similar verses and add one more stanza to the song.

Oh! Susanna

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