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“Les Petites Marionnettes” is a nursery rhyme and singing game from France.

The puppets (marionnettes) are dancing and the children follow their movements the way the lyrics urge them to.


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1. Ainsi font, font, font
Les petites marionnettes
Ainsi font, font, font
Trois p’tits tours et puis s’en vont.

2. Les mains aux côtés
Sautez, sautez marionnettes,
Les mains aux côtés
Marionnettes recommencez.

3. Elles reviendront
Les petites marionnettes
Elles reviendront
Quand les autres partiront

4. Et elles danseront
Les petites marionnettes
Et elles danseront
Quand les enfants dormiront.



1. See them dance, dance, dance
All the little marionettes
See them dance, dance, dance
Three little turns and off they go.

2. Just like this, this, this,
Dance the funny little puppets,
Just like this, this, this,
Three times round then off they go!

3. With your hands straight down,
Jump up, jump up little puppets,
With your hands straight down
Little puppets start again.

4. How they dance, dance, dance
All the funny little puppets,
And they dance, dance, dance,
When the children are asleep.



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