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Can You Guess Who Has The Ring?” is a popular circle game for kids of all ages.

On this page you’ll find the lyrics of the song and a printable PDF file with lyrics for free download. You can also watch a sing-along video. Enjoy!

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Printable Can You Guess Who Has The Ring Lyrics PDF

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Can You Guess Who Has The Ring lyrics printable PDF

Can You Guess Who Has The Ring Lyrics

Can you guess who has the ring
As we pass it on the string?
Pass it left, pass it right,
Always keep it out of sight.

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Can You Guess Who Has The Ring Game Instructions

To play this game, you must first slip a ring on a long string and tie both ends. Have in mind that you’ll need approximately 24″ of string (50cm+) for each player.

The kids make a circle, with one of them standing in the middle of it. The kids standing in the circle hold the string with both hands. As they start to sing, they pass the ring along the string from hand to hand, making sure to hide it. Everyone has to pretend that they are passing the ring even when they don’t really have it.

The child in the middle has to guess who has the ring at the end of the verse. As soon as he guesses correctly, he says so and the two children switch spots.

Sing-along Video

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