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If you’ve been looking for Old King Glory lyrics, especially if you’d like to print them out, then you’re on the right page!

Old King Glory” is a folk song of unknown origins and a circle game as well, very popular with toddlers and kids.

On this page you’ll find the lyrics of the song and a printable PDF file with lyrics for free download. You can also read the game instructions and watch a sing-along video. Enjoy!

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Printable Old King Glory Lyrics PDF

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Old King Glory lyrics PDF printable

Old King Glory Lyrics

Old King Glory of the mountain,
The mountain was so high, it nearly touched the sky,
The first one, second one, third, come with me.

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Old King Glory Game Instructions

The Old King Glory game is played by singing the old king glory song with a group of players. The rules for the game are simple:

  1. All players in the group must join in and sing all of the lyrics to ‘Old King Glory’.
  2. Players join hands in a circle and move while singing.
  3. One kid outside the circle ( the “King”) is also walking and singing.
  4. By the time they sing “one, two, three” the “King” taps three children who then leave the circle and join him.
  5. They continue until all players have had a turn.

Sing-along Video

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