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“Singing All Together” is a music round song by Thord Gummesson. It is very popular with choirs all over the world. The round consists of six verses-melodies that are combined together to create a beautiful canon.

On this page you can find Lyrics, a Printable Lyrics PDF file for free Download and a Sing-along video of the song.

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1. Singing all together, singing just for joy.
Singing men and women, every girl and boy.

2. Everybody singing a song, everybody singing a song.
Everybody sing all day long, everybody sing all day long.

3. Sing your song, and sing it all day long.
Sing your song, and sing it all day long.

4. La la la la la la, la la la la …

5. Pom. Pom pom pom Pom pom pom. Pom pom pom. Pom Pom.
Pom. Pom pom pom. Pom pom pom. Pom pom pom.

6. All you do is raise your voice,
It’s a simple choice.

Sing-Along Video

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