Cucú Cantaba La Rana

Cucú Cantaba La Rana

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Nursery Rhyme, Spain.

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“Cucú Cantaba La Rana” is a well known song sung by several generations of Spanish-speaking children.

This is an old song – it is believed that it dates back to the seventeenth century and that the first version, written in old Castilian, evolved with time and several versions were created, resulting in the song we know today – one of the most popular Spanish nursery rhymes.

“Cucú Cantaba La Rana” | Free karaoke mp3 download


To download your free instrumental mp3 of “Cucú Cantaba La Rana”, click (or tap, on mobile devices) on the following link:

“Cucú Cantaba La Rana” (instrumental, 1:35 – 3/4 – 120 bpm)

“Cucú Cantaba La Rana” lyrics (Spanish)

Cu cú, cu cú cantaba la rana
Cu cú, cu cú debajo del agua.
Cu cú, cu cú pasó un caballero
Cu cú, cu cú con capa y sombrero.
Cu cú, cu cú pasó una señora
Cu cú, cu cú con traje de cola.
Cu cú, cu cú pasó un marinero
Cu cú, cu cú vendiendo romero.
Cu cú, cu cú le pidió un ramito.
Cu cú, cu cú no le quiso dar.
Cu cú, cu cú y se echó a llorar

“Cucú Cantaba La Rana” Music Score with chords

To save this free music sheet of “Cucú Cantaba La Rana” to your computer, right click (or tap and hold, on mobile devices) and choose “Save Image As…”.

Cucú Cantaba La Rana | Sheet music
Cucú Cantaba La Rana | Sheet music

“Cucú Cantaba La Rana” | Free Printable PDF with lyrics and music sheet


To download a ready-to-print PDF of “Cucú Cantaba La Rana” for music activities with a music sheet, lyrics and a colouring sheet for kids, right click (or tap and hold, on mobile devices) on the following link, then choose “Save link as…”.

“Cucú Cantaba La Rana” free PDF download – Singing Bell

“Cucú Cantaba La Rana” Karaoke Video

“Cucú Cantaba La Rana” mp4 Video File | Free Download

To be able to watch Cucú Cantaba La Rana” any time you’d like to on your tablet, smartphone or other mobile device, click on the following link to download the video file (mp4 format).

Cucú Cantaba La Rana | Free mp4 Video File Download


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