Atte Katte Nuwa


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Children’s song, Iceland.

“Atte Katte Nuwa” seems to be an inuit song. The same tune is used for a famous traditional Swedish song “Gubben Noak”, a drinking song and bible travesty known by the text of Carl Michael Bellman (1740 – 1795). “Nuwa” means “Noah”, but we don’t know more details for the translation of the text.

The song first came to Iceland with the scout movement in 60’s and became particularly popular after Rannveig and Krummi, an Icelandic children TV program, sang and recorded it in 1967.

“Atte Katte Nuwa”  Free karaoke mp3 download


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“Atte Katte Nuwa” (instrumental, 2:06 – 4/4 – 118 bpm)

“Atte Katte Nuwa” lyrics

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“Atte Katte Nuwa” Music Score with chords

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Atte Katte Nuwa Singing-Bell


“Atte Katte Nuwa”  Free Printable PDF download


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“Atte Katte Nuwa” free PDF download – Singing Bell


“Atte Katte Nuwa” Karaoke Video

“Atte Katte Nuwa” Teaching idea & activities

Note that the measure of the song switches from 4/4 to 3/4.

Clap or play on the tambourine the first beat of the 3 or 4. That means that you sing “o-ne two three four” and “o-ne two three”  respectively, instead of the lyrics, and you learn to hit the first one every time.

Repeat the song this way many times and, in the end, start singing the original text accompanying with percussion like before.



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