Huachi Torito


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Carol, Peru/Chile/Bolivia/Argentina

Huachi Torito” is a Christmas Carol that is sung at the south of Peru, in parts of Chile and Bolivia, and the north-east of Argentina.

It is said to be of Catalan origin, brought to Latin America by Catalan emigrants.

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“Huachi Torito” (instrumental, 1:12 – 4/4 – 90 bpm)

“Huachi Torito” Spanish lyrics

Huachi to-, torito,
torito del corralito
Huachi to-, torito,
torito del corralito.

Al niño recién nacido
todos le ofrecen sus dones
yo soy pobre nada tengo
Le ofrezco mi corazone.

Huachi to-, torito,
torito del corralito
Huachi to-, torito,
torito del corralito.

Del árbol nació la rama
De la rama nació la flor
De la flor nació María,
De María *nació el Señor

Huachi to-, torito
torito del corralito
Huachi to-, torito
torito del corralito.

Huachi to-, torito,
torito del corralito
Huachi to-, torito,
torito del corralito.

*alternative: “…el Niño Dios.”

“Huachi Torito” alternative Spanish lyrics

Del árbol nació la rama,
de la rama nació la flor.
De la flor nació María
y de María el Redentor.

Huachi, tori, tori, tori,
to, torito de corralito.

Ha nacido el niño Dios;
todos le ofrecen sus dones.
Como yo no tengo nada (1)
le ofrezco mi corazone.

Alza la vista p’arriba
y verás al niño Dios
vestido de terciopelo
para darnos la bendición. (2)

Señora, yo he visto
a un niño más hermoso que el sol bello.
Le diré que tiene frío
porque es pobre y anda en cueros.

Su mamá, la Virgen María,
se pasesa por el jardín
con mantilla de rocío
y corona de jazmín.

La Virgen se está peinando
debajo de una palmera
con un peine de plata fina
y cintas de primavera.

According to other published versions, the song ends after the third verse and has the following variations:

(1) Como yo no tengo plata
(2) para morir en la cruz

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“Huachi Torito” Music Score

Huachito Torito Music Score Singing-Bell

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“Huachi Torito” Karaoke Video

“Huachi Torito” Teaching ideas


Children love this melody!

You can sing along with the class, or alone, or with your children at home, the chorus (Huachi to-, torito, torito del corralito, which means “Giddy-up, little bull!” ), even if Spanish is not your language.

It’ s amazing how younger children and babies are pleased with it. Continue improvising lyrics, considering your daily program or something special you would like them to do -like taking their bath!- and just do it!


The melody of the song is ideal for teaching the notes e-f-g-a-c’ of the major scale.

The first part uses all the previous notes, while the second part uses only the e-f-g-a.

It’s easy to sing the melody as solfege before saying the lyrics, and play it on a melodic instrument even if the student is at a higher level.

“Huachi Torito” Song History

“Huachi Torito” is a Christmas Carol that is also danced to as an “huyano”, a genre of popular Peruvian Andean Music and dance originally from Serrania, Peru.

It is also a children’s dance and a game that is played in house yards, before going out around the neighbourhood to sing the carols.

According to the tradition, children form two lines and sing the song, that makes reference to a little bull. After the end of the song, two children try to catch another one, which imitates the animal, using a lasso.


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