7 Thanksgiving Songs for Kids for a Day of Gratitude

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7 Thanksgiving Songs for kids.

Our collection of Thanksgiving songs for kids includes tunes that are related to the harvest, thankfulness and gratitude, as well as the food we eat at family gatherings.

In the end, for those who won’t stand still, we present a song that combines Thanksgiving day body percussion sounds and an opportunity to repeat or learn musical rhythmic values ​​and patterns.

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The Meaning of Thanksgiving

This day is dedicated to good harvest and abundance. Its roots are traced back three centuries, when the first colonists in 1621 felt grateful for last year’s harvest.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in U.S.A., although this date may differ in other areas (e.g. in Canada the corresponding day is celebrated on the second Monday of October and in the United Kingdom there is no specific date), but an annual celebration called the Harvest Festival for which celebrations take place around the time of the main harvest of a given region. In the US, it is followed by Native American Heritage Day.

What we eat on Thanksgiving

A typical traditional Thanksgiving meal includes turkey, bread stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, and pumpkin pie, which is why children’s songs refer mainly to turkey. However, this day is also a great opportunity to make reference to the values ​​of thankfulness and gratefulness, as prosperity is based not only on the blessing of nature and God, but also on peaceful human coexistence.

Moreover, family bonds and support within the family are also relevant on this day, and it is no coincidence that it is celebrated with a family meal.

Thanksgiving Songs for Kids



Based on the melody of “Frère Jacques”, this song refers to the traditional Thanksgiving Feast. After the children sing about the whole menu of the day you can ask them what is their favorite taste or what they would like to try again at the family table.



On the occasion of Thanksgiving Day we refer to human values that are the basis for better relationships between people, but also between man and nature. A very beautiful song where we hear children’s voices singing positive slogans, hoping to stay in the voices but also in the hearts of those who sing together.



This song counts down from 10 to 1 until all 10 turkeys leave their pen, as the red hen urges them to.

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This time the turkey is not intended for the Thanksgiving feast, because it is the singer’s favorite pet! Do not be afraid, my little turkey, since “we had mac and cheese instead!” for Thanksgiving dinner.



The music and structure of the song follows “Five Little Monkeys”, but this time it’s mama-turkey who calls the doctor. “Better run away“, says the doc to the last turkey, “for soon will come Thanksgiving day!



This is a popular Thanksgiving song on a poem by Lydia Maria Child, originally published in Child’s Flowers for Children in 1844. The composer is unknown.

It is about childhood memories, when families get together at grandparents’ home for Thanksgiving. While today we sing “to grandmother’s house we go”, the original version refers to the grandfather.



Enjoy and follow the song with body percussion. This is a tune that the younger ones will enjoy and the older kids will find useful while learning the rhythmic motifs of rap music.

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