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Nursery rhyme, England, U.K.

“Billy Boy” is a traditional folk song and nursery rhyme found in the United States. It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 326.

It is a variant of the traditional English folk song “My Boy Billy,” collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams and published by him in 1912 as number 232 in Novello’s School Songs.

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“Billy Boy” stands as a stalwart pillar in the realm of traditional English folk music, its roots sinking deep into the fertile soil of oral tradition. While the exact origins of the song remain shrouded in the mists of time, its enduring popularity speaks volumes about its resonance with generations past and present.

This timeless ballad typically recounts the tale of a young man named Billy, whose courtship endeavors are thwarted by the demands of his sweetheart’s family. With its simple yet evocative lyrics and catchy melody, “Billy Boy” has become a mainstay in the folk repertoire, cherished for its ability to transport listeners to a bygone era of rural life and romance.

The song’s narrative often revolves around themes of love, societal expectations, and the complexities of relationships, offering a window into the cultural landscape of its era. Today it’s often used as a love song for kids.

Through its various iterations and adaptations, “Billy Boy” has transcended geographical boundaries, finding its way into the hearts and repertoires of folk enthusiasts across the globe. Whether sung in cozy taverns, around campfires, or at lively cèilidhs, this venerable tune continues to evoke a sense of nostalgia and camaraderie, bridging the gap between past and present with its enduring charm.

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1. Oh, where have you been,
Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
Oh, where have you been,
Charming Billy?
I have been to seek a wife,
She’s the joy of my life,
She’s a young thing
And cannot leave her mother.

2. Did she bid you to come in,
Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
Did she bid you to come in,
Charming Billy?
Yes, she bade me to come in,
There’s a dimple in her chin.
She’s a young thing
And cannot leave her mother.

3. Can she make a cherry pie,
Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
Can she make a cherry pie,
Charming Billy?
She can make a cherry pie,
Quick as a cat can wink an eye,
She’s a young thing
And cannot leave her mother.

4. Did she set for you a chair,
Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
Did she set for you a chair,
Charming Billy?
Yes, she sat for me a chair.
She has ringlets in her hair.
She’s a young thing
And cannot leave her mother.

5. How old is she now,
Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
How old is she now,
Charming Billy?
Three times six and four times seven,
Twenty-eight and eleven,
She’s a young thing
And cannot leave her mother.

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