10+1 Children’s Songs for Valentine’s Day with your Kids

Children's Songs for Valentine's Day with your Kids.

What the world needs now / is love, sweet love“, said Burt Bacharach back in the 60’s through the voice of Jackie DeShannon. Is love exclusively for lovers? Well, yes when it comes to romantic love, but shouldn’t there be a time to commemorate innocent love too?

Apparently, Valentine’s has become the day to celebrate every kind of love at home or at school, and kids should always be reminded of the importance of altruistic, human love between people.

Music is always the perfect way to talk about emotions and values. That’s why we have collected these 10+1 children’s songs that will help you explain why we should all spread the love.

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When I am a king, you shall be queen…” / “When I am queen, you’ll be my king…“.

Love is mutual in this song, and lovers don’t hesitate to express their emotions – in a joyful meter and a major scale!

Click here for “Lavender’s Blue” free MP3 download, sheet music and printable PDF with Lyrics.


Is this when art imitates life? Billy boy loves a girl and she loves him too, but “she cannot leave her mother“!

The song was collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams and published by him in 1912 as number 232 in Novello’s School Songs.

Click here for “Billy Boy” free MP3 download, sheet music and printable PDF with Lyrics.


Lovely lyrics and melody combined make this song popular. Actually, the lyrics are nothing more than an “I love you” every day, every moment.

You might have heard it as performed by the band Sharon, Lois & Bram. Let’s sing and dance, everybody!

Click here for “Skidamarink” free MP3 download, sheet music and printable PDF with Lyrics.


Skip to my Loo

“Loo” means “love” (not to be mistaken for any British toilet!).  This is clearly a dance song, popular since early American times, when customs required modest dance routines, yet young people still wanted to have fun.

Its playful lyrics made it a favorite with all those who wanted to flirt while dancing!

Click here for “Skip to my Lou” free MP3 download, sheet music and printable PDF with Lyrics.


A-Tisket, A-Tasket

So, what is hidden inside the letter that the girl wrote and which “accidentally” gets in the hands of the young boy?

That’s a short and cute rhyme, ideal for preschoolers on Valentine’s Day.

Click here for a “A – tisket, A – tasket” free printable PDF with lyrics.


Did you ever see a lassie?

Borrowing the melody of “The More We Get Together”, someone is looking for the “lassie” in the first verse, while another one is searching for the “laddie” n the second one.

Of course, “lassie” and “laddie” are respective a girl and a boy in this Scottish song. Will they get to each other in the end? Can you take this nail-biting suspense? No spoilers, please!

Click here for “Did you ever see a lassie” free MP3 download, sheet music and printable PDF with Lyrics.


Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water“? Really? But is water to be found at the top or at the bottom of the hill?

It does sound slitghtly suspicious, so we can suppose Jack and Jill are a couple that don’t manage to keep their date a secret, since after all they go back home all bruised and battered.

Click here for “Jack and Jill” free MP3 download, sheet music and printable PDF with Lyrics.


Roses are red (Violets are blue)

“Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, And so are you”.

How can one’s interest be expressed more directly? A bunch of flowers and two sweet verses for Valentine’s Day are more than enough.

Click here for a “Roses are Red” free printable PDF with lyrics.


Bobby Shafto, a brave and handsome young man, is an illustrious bachelor, and young ladies are expecting him to get back from his voyage and ask them to marry him.

That’s a romantic tune with a suitable melody, easy to be sung by little ones.

Click here for a “Bobby Shafto” free printable PDF with lyrics.


Daisy Bell (Bicycle built for two)

A tune and a proposal, 2 for the price of 1! A “bicycle for two” is just right for the two people in love, and the boy can’t wait any longer.

One of the most favorite Valentine’s songs for kids.

Click here for a “Daisy Bell” free printable PDF with lyrics.


The last song on this list can also refer to friendly relationships only. But isn’t friendship a basic ingredient for a happy couple?

The more we get together,
the happier we’ll be“: songs tell the truth to young ones and grown-ups alike!

Click here for “The More We Get Together” free MP3 download, sheet music and printable PDF with Lyrics.

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