Ten Little Fingers

Children’s song, U.S.A./U.K.

“Ten Little Fingers” is a nursery rhyme and a counting game. It is sung to learn how to count to ten by using your hands.

It should not be confused with other similar songs like “Ten Little Fingers (and Ten Little Toes)” or “I Have Ten Little Fingers”.

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Karaoke Video with Lyrics



One little, two little, three little fingers
Four little, five little, six little fingers
Seven little, eight little, nine little fingers,
Ten little fingers on my hands.

Ten little, nine little, eight little fingers
Seven little, six little, five little fingers
Four little, three little, two little fingers,
one little finger on my hand.



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Teaching idea & activities

Count your fingers while singing and help children count their fingers, too, by touching them one by one.


Ten Little Fingers



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