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”Lemonade Crunchy Ice” is a popular clapping game for children, played in groups of 2 or more. The players have to clap three times after the phrases “lemonade”, “crunchy ice”, “sip it once”, “sip it twice”. The lines are then repeated without the clapping. The game ends by turning around, touching the ground and then freezing. The first one to move is out.

There are a few variations, where the verb “beat” instead of “sip” is used. In any case, this is very amusing game and activity for kids of all ages. What’s more, it helps children to understand the rhythm and synchronise their movements over the rhythmic pattern.

On this page you’ll find the lyrics and a printable PDF file for free download. You can also watch two music videos; in the second one, where the game is played by a group of kids, you’ll see the exact movements and hand-claps. Enjoy!

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Lemonade Crunchy Ice Lyrics Printable PDF

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Lemonade Crunchy Ice lyrics

Lemonade Crunchy Ice Lyrics

Lemonade, (clap clap clap)
crunchy ice, (clap clap clap)
Sip it once, (clap clap clap)
Sip it twice. (clap clap clap)

Lemonade, crunchy ice,
Sip it once, sip it twice.
Turn around, (Turn around)
Touch the ground, (Touch the ground)
Kick your boyfriend out of town!

Sing-along Video 1

Sing-along Video 2

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