The Birch Tree (Beriozka) Printable Lyrics – PDF

“The Birch Tree (Beriozka)” is a very old traditional Folk Song. The original name is usually written as “Beriozka”, “Berezka” or “Beroza” and in English the song is sometimes called “In The Field Stood a Birch Tree”.

The classical composer Tchaikovsky included this popular tune in the last movement of his Symphony No. 4 in F minor, Op. 36, written in 1877 -1878, and the film composer Dario Marianelli used the song in his music for the film “Anna Karenina”.

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1. See the lovely birch in the meadow,
Curly leaves all dancing when the wind blows.
Loo-lee-loo, when the wind blows,
Loo-lee-loo, when the wind blows.

2. Oh, my little tree, I need branches,
For the silver flutes I need branches.
Loo-lee-loo, three branches,
Loo-lee-loo, three branches.

3. From another birch I will make now,
I will make a tingling balalaika.
Loo-lee-loo, balalaika,
Loo-lee-loo, balalaika.

4. When I play my new balalaika,
I will think of you, my lovely birch tree.
Loo-lee-loo, lovely birch tree,
Loo-lee-loo, lovely birch tree.

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