Archiminia ki archichronia (Αρχιμηνια κι αρχιχρονια)

Christmas Karaoke

Carol, Greece.

This is a New Year’s Eve Carol from Greece, dated back to Byzantine times. Its title means “First of the month and first of the year”.

In Greece, it is an old tradition for children to go out in the streets of their neighbourhood or broader area on the 31st of December, singing “Archiminia ki archichronia”, which embodies wishes to the listeners, as well as references to both Jesus Christ and Basil of Caesarea (the Eastern European equivalent of Santa Claus).

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Karaoke Video with Lyrics


Αρχιμηνιά κι αρχιχρονιά,
ψηλή μου δενδρολιβανιά,
κι αρχή καλός μας χρόνος,
εκκλησιά με τ’ άγιο θρόνο.

Αρχή που βγήκε ο Χριστός,
άγιος και πνευματικός
στη γη να περπατήσει
και να μας καλοκαρδίσει.

‘Αγιος Βασίλης έρχεται
και όλους μας καταδέχεται
από την Καισαρεία,
σ’εισ’αρχόντισσα κυρία.

Βαστάει εικόνα και χαρτί,
χαρτί και καλαμάρι,
δες και με το παλικάρι.

Το καλαμάρι έγραφε
την μοίρα του την έλεγε
και το χαρτί ομίλει,
Άγιε μου, άγιε μου καλέ Βασίλη.

Κάτσε να φας, κάτσε να πιεις
κάτσε το πόνο σου να πεις,
κάτσε να τραγουδήσεις,
και να μας καλοκαρδίσεις.

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Song Info

This Greek New Year’s Ever carol contains various elements, that are thought to have derived from “songs of agermoi” (άσματα αγερμού), improvised chants that used to be sung on the Eves of important religious celebrations during charity walks around towns.

The song starts with a wish for the upcoming year. Then, it mentions and praises Jesus Christ, who “goes out to walk on Earth”, eight days after his birth, a reference to the semitic custom of the circumcision.

The third verse talks about Saint Basil of Caesarea,  the “Santa Claus” of Eastern Europe, a theologian who lived in Cappadocia, Asia Minor in the 4th century AD, who is depicted as a great educator “carrying paper and ink bottle”.

In a funny way, some scattered lyrics also call for the attention of a lady, a flattering in disguise for the pretty women who listened to the song.

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