Ah Poor Bird – Karaoke and Sheet Music

Ah Poor Bird is a traditional English song.

Ah poor bird sheet music

Are you looking for the perfect traditional song to share with your kids, students or friends? Look no further! “Ah, Poor Bird” is a classic tune that has been around since the 1800s. It is one of the most popular English rounds, ideal for choir warm-ups and a great way to get everyone singing and connecting in a fun and meaningful way.

Not only can you listen to this old-timey song with karaoke accompaniment if desired, but you can also find sheet music for both voice parts so even beginners will be able to join in. That said, here you’ll find a Karaoke audio MP3 file of the song, a Karaoke video, a PDF with sheet music, and information about it.

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So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore this beloved folk song together!

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Ah Poor Bird Karaoke Video


1. Ah poor bird,
Take your flight,
Up above the sorrow
of this dark night.

2. Ah poor bird,
As you fly,
Can you see the dawn
of tomorrow’s sky?

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Ah Poor Bird karaoke mp3 download

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Ah! Poor Bird” free mp3 download (instrumental, 2:22 – 4/4 – 94 bpm)

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Ah Poor Bird Sheet Music and PDF

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a PDF file with music score of this song for free.

Ah! Poor Bird sheet music pdf singing bell

Song Info

This canonic English folk song (round) is said to date back to the Elizabethan times (16th century). This traditional song tells the story of a bird that has lost its mate and expresses the sorrow and loneliness the bird feels.

As a round it is a favourite with singers and can be easily sung in combination with “Hey Ho Nobody Home” and “Rose, Rose”.

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