Un Elefante se Balanceaba

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Un Elefante se Balanceaba | Free Nursery Rhymes mp3

Children’s song, Mexico.

“Un Elefante se Balanceaba” is perhaps one of the catchiest Spanish-language children’s songs in history. The kids love it because of its happy and repetitive melody, as it is a song without end.

You can keep on adding elephants and more elephants to that wonderful image – and a little surreal – of several elephants that become dozens, maybe hundreds, up in an unbreakable spider’s web. Something that begins with the curiosity of an elephant that, seeing that the spider’s web does not break, decides to call more elephants. A party of pachyderms that disobeys all the laws of physics, but that leaves us a wonderful song. By the way, what will the spider think of all this?

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Un elefante se balanceaba,
sobre la tela de una araña.
Como veía que resistía,
fue a llamar a otro elefante.

Dos elefantes se balanceaban,
Sobre la tela de una araña.
Como veían que resistía,
fueron a llamar a otro elefante.

Tres elefantes se balanceaban,
sobre la tela de una araña.
Como veían que resistía,
fueron a llamar a otro elefante


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Teaching idea & activities

Ask children to make a circle and imagine this is a web. One of them jumps inside the circle and dances like an elephant while they are singing the 1st verse altogether. The next one follows with the 2nd verse, etc.

In the end all the children dance their “elephant dance”!

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