Folk Song, Liberia.

The Liberian song “Banuwa” is said to be either a lullaby or a processional song. Its lyrics try to comfort a little girl that is crying.

This rhyme is a beautiful African song that can be sung as a round, repeating its four basic lines in rolling sequence.

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Karaoke Video with Lyrics


Lyrics (Liberian)

Banuwa, Banuwa, Banuwa yo
Banuwa, Banuwa, Banuwa yo
A la no, nehnio la no, nehnia la no
Banuwa, Banuwa, Banuwa yo

English translation

Don’t cry, Don’t Cry,
pretty little girl, don’t cry.

Your father off at the village
your mothers out for a while,
your brothers down by the river.
No need to sit and cry.


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Teaching idea & activities:

The tune can be sung as a round (see also “Frère Jacques“, “Row, row, row your boat“, “Kookaburra” and “Jack and Jill“).

The song consists of 5 musical phrases (see letters on sheet music – A / B / C / D / E)
Enter the second voice on measure 3 (phrase B), the 3rd one two measures later (phrase C). Once the students are experienced in round singing add a 4th voice on the 4th phrase (letter D on sheet music) of the song.




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