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“Skin and Bones” is an old popular Halloween song for kids. As mentioned in the Library of Congress blog, children sing it to “scare each other with the old woman all skin and bones” and the song is more successful if sung for “somebody who hadn’t heard it before”. It is a favourite to work and improvise with students in a classroom and can serve as a fun activity in a family gathering.

The song has number 501 in Roud Folk Song Index and was first recorded by Jean Ritchie in 1952 on her album Singing the Traditional Songs of Her Traditional Kentucky Mountain Family.

On this page you can find Lyrics, a Printable Lyrics PDF file for free Download and a Sing-along video of the song.


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There was an old woman all skin and bones,

She lived down by the old graveyard, Ooooooh

One night she thought she’d take a walk, Ooooooh

She walked down by the old graveyard, Ooooooh

She saw the bones a-layin’ around, Ooooooh

She went to the closet to get a broom, Ooooooh

She opened the door and BOO!


Sing-along Animated Video 


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