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If you’ve been looking for Stella Ella Ola lyrics, especially if you’d like to print them out, then you’re on the right page!

“Stella Ella Ola” is a clapping game for kids.

On this page you’ll find the lyrics of the song and a printable PDF file with lyrics for free download. You can also watch a sing-along video. Enjoy!

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Printable Stella Ella Ola Lyrics PDF

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Stella Ella Ola Lyrics

Stella ella ola, clap clap clap
Say yes, chicko chicko, chicko chicko chak!
Say yes, chicko, chicko, allo, allo
Allo allo allo!
Say one, two three four, FIVE!

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Stella Ella Ola game Instructions

  • The kids stand or sit in a circle placing one hand over their neighbour’s closer hand and sing the song.
  • On every beat, a person claps their higher hand onto the touching person’s palm.
  • The cycle continues until the song ends at which point if the person’s hand is slapped. Then, they are considered “out” and must stand or sit in the middle of the circle, or leave the circle and watch from the edges.
  • If the player to be slapped pulls their hand away fast enough, the person who attempted to slap the hand is out.

Sing-along Video

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