Five Little Ducks – How to Play on the Glockenspiel / Xylophone

“Five Little Ducks (Went Swimming One Day)” is a popular children’s counting song, helping kids learn to count down from five to zero. It is also introducing the concept of subtraction to them, as each little duck swims away. Similar songs are “Ten in the Bed”, “Ten Green Bottles” and “Five Little Monkeys”.

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On this page you can find a tutorial glockenspiel video and glockenspiel / xylophone sheet music with colored notes and chart.


Glockenspiel / Xylophone Tutorial Video


Five Little Ducks Glockenspiel / Xylophone Sheet Music and Note Chart

The song of Five Little Ducks is rather easy both in notes and rhythm. It consists of 6 notes, as you can see on the chart following the notes of the song. Four of them are natural (A3 – D4 – E4 – A4 ) and two sharp notes (C# and F#) of D major scale. You can use the song to practice how to play the two accidental notes on the upper row of the glockenspiel / xylophone.

Watch the video a couple of times and study each part at your own pace until you get the hang of it. Remember to use both mallets as much as you can – not only the one that is more convenient for you (e.g. the right one if you’re right-handed) as this an important basic technique.

To save this free glockenspiel sheet music of “Five Little Ducks” to your computer, right click (or tap and hold, on mobile devices) and choose “Save Image As…”. Alternatively, you can download the PDF file below.

Five little ducks free xylophone glockenspiel sheet music color notes chart pdf

Free Printable PDF with Glockenspiel / Xylophone Music Sheet with Note Chart and Lyrics

To download a printable PDF file with sheet music for glockenspiel of this song, click on the button above or on the following link.

Five Little Ducks | Free PDF with Glockenspiel Sheet Music


Click on the button to watch a piano tutorial video and download a PDF file with piano sheet music for beginners of this song for free.


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Click on the button to watch a karaoke video and download a PDF file with lyrics to this song for free.


Click on the button for a printable PDF file with Guitar Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for this song for free.


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