How to Play Sakura – Orff Arrangement Sheet Music and PDF

Sakura - Orff Arrangement

This is a traditional Japanese song about the coming of spring. Contrary to popular belief, the song did not originate in ancient times; it was a popular, urban melody of the Edo period and was adopted as a piece for beginning koto students in the Tokyo Academy of Music Collection of Japanese Koto Music issued in 1888 (in English) by the Department of Education.

The song has been popular since the Meiji period, and the lyrics in their present form were attached then. It is often sung in international settings as a song representative of Japan, and many electronic crosswalks in Japan play the melody as “guidance music”.

On this page you can find an Orff arrangement, and Printable PDF files for free download.

Table of Contents

Arrangement Details

This arrangement for Orff class includes the following instruments:

  • Soprano Recorder
  • Glockenspiel
  • Alto Metallophone
  • Alto Xylophone
  • Triangle
  • Wood Blocks
  • Cabass
  • Sleigh Bell
  • Floor Tom

The key is not major or minor, neither one of well-known in west music pentatonic scales. It’s about the Japanese pentatonic scale “In”, a pentatonic that contains 2 semitones. In this case, with F# for key signature, the notes that form the scale are B – C – E – F# – G – B.

As you can see, flute and alto xylophone play the melody of the song, while the rest of the instruments complete the harmony and rhythm. Flute aimed at a moderate beginner student. The highest note is G5, while the lowest one is E4 and is .

The difficulty level for the rest of the instruments is rather easy. If you want you can “split” the alto metallophone for two students (instead of one playing using both mallets at the same time). In this case one student will play E5 – F#5 while the other will play B4 – A4. The only exception is the first measure for the student playing higher, so you can adjust their notes accordingly an octave higher.

Sakura – Orff Arrangement Free Sheet Music PDF

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Click on the following images to preview the music sheet.

Sakura orff-sheet-music-pdf-singing-bell p.1
Sakura orff-sheet-music-pdf-singing-bell p.2
Sakura orff-sheet-music-pdf-singing-bell p.3
Sakura orff-sheet-music-pdf-singing-bell p.4
Sakura orff-sheet-music-pdf-singing-bell p.5

Click here or on the following button for a free download
of the percussion sheet music in PDF

Shape of you - Free Percussion sheet music PDF download

Orff Arrangement Sound file

To listen to the percussion arrangement offered above, click on the following player.

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